Science Heresy

January 2012

Will shale gas solve all our problems?

New techniques which have evolved over the last few decades, have made it possible to extract hydrocarbons from locations once thought impossible.

Big claims are being made about this new technology and global energy supply. Are they justified?

Equally large claims are being made about the health and pollution threats of this new technology. Are they justified?

Whales stranded at Ocean Beach on Tasmania's West Coast

Can whale strandings be prevented?

Time after time we see whales beach themselves on our shores. Rarely is any explanation offered by whale experts.

These strandings are more common when promontories or large islands project into the world's oceans.

Tasmania is an island the size of Wales which projects into the Southern Ocean to the south of continental Australia. Whale strandings occur every couple of years on its western beaches. A recent letter in a a local newspaper, the Hobart Mercury, suggests a potentially fruitful new field of research into this phenomenon and a possible solution.

Strategy to Avoid Mass Strandings by Ian Milne

Joseph Priestley and the Modern World

Joseph Priestley was a prominent figure in late 18th century England. Not only is he remembered for his scientific work, he also published widely on educational and religious topics. He was a persuasive and charismatic speaker and the bÍte noir of the Tory establishment.


Joseph Priestley and the Modern World