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September 2011



Australia's Chief Scientist

Prof. Ian Chubb


Dr John Happs

The Chief Scientist's Call-to-Arms

AUSTRALIA'S chief scientist has urged the local scientific community to "stand up and be counted" to lift public understanding in the national climate change debate. “The scientific community as a whole has a great deal of responsibility to ensure science is elevated to where it once used to be, and not to be subject to attacks by people with all sorts of agendas,” Professor Chubb told the joint select committee inquiry in Canberra.

Professor Chubb called for all scientists to be more pro-active on the issue of climate change.“I don't think it's helpful that it's left to very few,” Prof Chubb said.“The majority of scientists should be out there explaining to the public - why they do science, how they do science and how they accumulate scientific evidence.” (The Australian, 26 Sept 2011)

Science Heresy agrees with all of the above and here we do our bit for Science.

Prof Chubb provided testimony before the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation, on the 26th September, 2011. In an open letter to Prof. Chubb, Dr John Happs, examines this testimony and demonstrates how Prof. Chubb was misleading, inaccurate and downright wrong in 14 of the statements he made to that committee.

We are grateful to Prof. Chubb for so clearly defining the Warmist position. Anyone who still believes that there may be a scientific basis and a "consensus" about the validity of human induced climate change should read Dr Happs' letter.

A PDF of Dr Happs' letter may be downloaded here (349kB).

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

Big Bang theory says it should be uniform.

It isn't.

Was there a Big Bang?

A correspondent, Phillip Dean of Malvern, Worcestershire asks: "Could this speed of light through our solar system be different to the speed of light outside the solar system, i.e. where space matter becomes less? Also when light leaves the confines of interstellar space and travels out of the Milky Way (our galaxy) would it not be faster still? In other words, surely there are many 'speeds of light' relative to the collective matter which light has to travel through..."

Good question. However if the speed of light turns out not to be constant both Special and General Relativity fall over. Maybe it is not as bad as that. Maybe it is time itself which is affected by local conditions. Maybe distant galaxies are not travelling away from us; their clocks are just going slower.

We explore this idea which we have called:

Relativistic Time Inflation.

Men Laughing at Tiger Stream (detail).

Men Laughing at Tiger Stream

This 12th century painting, "Men Laughing at Tiger Stream", must surely be the most important work of art ever; it encapsulates an entire culture. Three (real) men, a Taoist, a Buddhist and "an official" who I assume was Confucian, crossed a stream which was notorious for tiger attacks. They were so deeply engrossed in discussion that they were unaware of the danger. Only after they had crossed did they realize what had happened and burst out laughing.

This is surely the epitome of civilization, the realization that all the theorizing in the world is ultimately less important than avoiding being devoured by a tiger.

Michael Kile comments here.