Science Heresy

October 2010

The Scientific Method

Since the Enlightenment scientists have used a set of rules for evaluating the truth or otherwise of an hypothesis. These rules, known collectively as "The Scientific Method" serve to eliminate ego, prejudice, piety and "groupthink" from the decision making process.

The rules were succinctly summarised by philosopher Karl Popper (left)

In recent times these rules have come under attack because they cannot be relied upon to give politically correct answers. Popper has been dismissed as a "false god" by people such as climate change advocate, the late Stephen Schneider.

Popper's Principles are listed here.

The New Faith

In recent years, as science has become more politicised, we have seen a growing tendency to dismiss the scientific method as inconvenient and irrelevant. In Section 8 of their Third Assessment Report on "Model Verification and Validation" the IPCC states our evaluation process is not as clear cut as a simple test for falsification implying they have abandoned the scientific method and its rigorous testing of theory against observation. The section title itself implies that only results which support the theory of anthropogenic global warming will be examined.

It is disturbing that a theory with such profound environmental and economic implications should be put forward as a scientific endeavour when the basic requirements of such an endeavour have not been met. The lay public is expected to accept the pronouncemnts of climate scientists in much the same way that religious belief was promulgated in earlier times.

The New Faith

Natural disasters and the religious impulse

Sifting truth from error and delusion is a tricky business. One impediment is our collective tendency to project fears (and hatreds) not only onto others – including witches, heretics, scapegoats and some politicians – but also onto natural events, such as earthquakes. Is today’s climate change alarmism another example of this phenomenon?

Natural disasters and the religious impulse

Anthropogenic Global Warming - Call for Article!

We are told that there are "mountains of evidence" supporting the theory that increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations due to the burning of fossil fuels has caused observed increases of global average temperature over the last century. We would welcome an article presenting any of this evidence. The observed increases in both of these quantities (see diagram left) should be taken as given. The article should present a scientific argument demonstrating that one causes the other and adhere as closely as possible to Popper's principles.