Science Heresy - Sept 2010

Science Heresy

September 2010

Ice Ages

Ice ages are supposedly driven by radiative forcing (insolation) changes as the Earth wobbles in its orbit around the Sun (the Milankovic Hypothesis).

However time series analysis shows that ice age temperatures are the outcome of a "random walk" process. Once this is allowed for, radiative forcing accounts for less than 1.4% of the variance of temperature. Something else must be happening.

The Mantle Instability

Geological instabilities occur whenever there is a phase change at sufficiently large scale for gravity to become important. The interior of the earth is solid but is heated by radioactive decay and cooled by conduction. When the rock melts to form liquid magma, convection, a gravitational phenomenon, comes into play and changes the pattern of heat flow. This causes the liquid convection cells to migrate upwards to form intermittent plumes which power the earth's volcanic hot-spots.

The Mantle Instability

Fractals, Scales and Waves

Fractals are mathematical objects which have the same properties on every scale.

Do they exists in the real world?

Does it matter?

The Myth of Scalability

The Navier-Stokes Equations

These fundamental equations of fluid mechanics are a hangover from the 19th century. They encapsulate the old idea of causal determinism. Is our continued faith in them justified?

The Navier_Stokes Equations