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Geologist James Hutton

In recent times the physical sciences have become orthodox, authoritarian, sterile and dysfunctional, much like the mediaeval church. This is the outcome of the rigid institutionalization of science and incestuous peer review. Scientists guard their patch jealously and regard any truly new idea as a threat to the established order. Discovery has given way to territoriality and there is little cross-fertilization between disciplines.

We provide a forum for alternative ideas in science; science "heresy" that is either new or has been ignored or actively suppressed by "orthodox" science.

This Web page has been discontinued. However a new blog has risen, phoenix-like, from the ashes in the form of


We suggest you check it out.

Latest Edition

November 2012
  The Science is In - AGW is False
We have created a Monster
James Hutton: Time Heretic

Earlier Editions

October 2012
  How a Computer Model put a Ferry Service Out of Business
Radiation and Reason by Wade Allison
The Environmental Mismanagement of Macquarie Island

January 2012
Will Shale Gas solve all our Problems?
Can Whale Strandings be Prevented?
Joseph Priestley and the Modern World

November 2011
Science and Pseudoscience
The Trend of Destiny
But what does the data say?

New Letters Column

September 2011
The Chief Scientist's Call to Arms
Was There a Big Bang?
Men Laughing at Tiger Stream

April 2011
Ocean Waves
Are we too smart for our own good?
The future of Robotics
March 2011
Alarmists and Deniers
A Scientist Looks at Climate Change
"The Science"
The Models
December 2010
The Death of Science?
Can Environmentalism be Saved from Itself?
Mixing the Ocean
How Peer Review Fails
November 2010
What Does Climategate Say About Science?
SETI - The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Why is lightning jagged?
Is the brain a machine?
October 2010
Karl Popper and the scientific method.
Belief in human induced climate change is a matter of faith.
Natural Disasters and the religious impulse.
Call for a scientific article on climate change.
September 2010
Ice ages are a random walk.
Convection currents in the Earth's mantle are unstable.
Fractals are fictions.
Can the future behaviour of a fluid be precisely predicted?

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